LAW Reports and CASE Reviews

  • Alhaji J. A. Odutola & Anor v Papersack Ltd
    In The Supreme Court of NigeriaOn Friday, the 15th day of December 2006S.C. 280/2003 Before Their LordshipsSylvester Umaru Onu …… Justice, Supreme CourtNiki Tobi …… Justice, Supreme CourtDahiru Musdapher …… Justice, Supreme CourtAloma Mariam Mukhtar …… Justice, Supreme CourtWalter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen …… Justice, Supreme Court Between Alhaji J. A. Odutola ————————————————— AppellantsJ. A. Odutola … Read more
  • Cases and Principles on Criminal Trials in Nigeria
    Standard of Proof in Criminal Cases Relevant Sections of the Evidence Act – Section 135 of the Evidence Act 2011 Synopsis – The standard of proof in criminal cases is now established to be proof beyond reasonable doubt and not proof beyond every shadow of doubt. A pertinent question would be what amounts to proof … Read more
  • Cases and Principles on Criminal Trials in Nigeria Vol. 2
    Proving the Ingredients of an Offence Ingredients of the Offence of Armed Robbery UTTO v. STATE (2021) LPELR-56230(SC) “Now the essential ingredients for the offence of armed robbery have been stated by this Court in a host of authorities. I wish to restate them here as follows:- (1). That these was a robbery (2). That … Read more
  • Cases And Principles on Land Litigation in Nigeria
    Duty of A Claimant in An Action for Declaration of Title to Land In a civil action where a Claimant seeks a declaration from the Court that title to a piece or parcel of land belongs to him, the law has placed some duties which the Claimant must satisfy if his case is to succeed. … Read more
  • English Case Law | Hedley Bryne & Co Ltd v Heller & Partners – Full Report
    Full Decision of the Court JUDGEMENT 1 – LORD REID My Lords, this case raises the important question whether and in what circumstances a person can recover damages for loss suffered by reason of his having relied on an innocent but negligent misrepresentation. I cannot do better than adopt the following statement of the case … Read more
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