In this 21st century, the world is evolving at a very fast pace, domain names and business entities names are the most valuable assets for almost every sphere ranging from marketing, sales, and customer services. The business entity name is very essential to any company or business, it identifies your business, and thus protecting it should go beyond registering the name with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) (hereinafter referred to as CAC). Although registering a business entity name with CAC, is an integral part for Start-up Company or business, to prohibit the registration of the same name by another business or company, trademark is essential, as it guarantees the absolute protection any entrepreneur would desire for his business. Domain names have become an integral part of every business carrying out any online commercial activity; it is an indispensable tool used by business owners to reach out to their existing and incoming clients globally. Today domain names are not just the names of the websites of different entities, but also act as business identifiers that play a significant role in the promotion of business entities. This article seeks to discuss how trademarks can be used to protect business entities’ names and domain names.

Written by Emem Ekott ESQ

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